Saturday, May 24, 2008

Iron and Wine- Home Sessions '01 and '02

Includes demo versions of songs from Sea and The Rhythm, In the Reins, and Endless Numbered Days. I like some of them better than the actual versions. Something about Sam Beam's voice lends itself to crappy 4-track recorder noise. If you like Creek Drank the Cradle, you have to get this.


Joy said...

This is Joy, do I know you?
I'm adding a link to your blog on my page!

Red, Negativity said...

thank you so much for this blog. the annuals, microphones, and so much more are great additions to my library. not to mention william fitzsimmons. and you mentioned Peter And The Wolf? as in, the same band with the song 'Better Days?' if so, i'd love to see a link for an album of theirs, because i've only ever found that song Better Days and i've always looked but could never find anymore. anyways, thanks!