Saturday, June 28, 2008

Carissa's Wierd- Songs About Leaving

I haven't listened to this band all that much, but I like them a lot. Melancholy indie rock about everything sad in the world. Lots of male/female harmonies and somber piano stabs in between plucked minor guitar. They remind me of another defunct band, Very Secretary.

Two members of Carissa's Wierd went on to form Band of Horses, which some people like. Also, "weird" is supposed to be spelled like that.

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Red, Negativity said...

Hey, thanks for the nice words about my blog! If you could manage to find one of Peter and the Wolf's albums, that would be spectacular. If so, could you send me a comment? I usually don't get online often, except just to quickly post things on a few websites. In return, I have a library of things I could upload for you. I don't have a list handy but if you have any requests I could check. For example, a rare cut of The Velvet Underground's first album? That's the gem of my collection, lol. Anyways, Thanks!!!!!