Sunday, August 3, 2008

Red Dog Alley- Dear and Absurd

Shameless promotion for my band's new CD. Folk rock with some jazzy tendencies. We worked pretty hard on it and I think it turned out pretty good. Comments appreciated!


Red, Negativity said...

Hey man, after you got me the Peter and the Wolf, I owe you a listen! I'm downloading it right now and i'll send another comment your way when I listen

Red, Negativity said...

hey man, the link didnt work... it took me to your shared folder, but nothing was in there...upload it again sometime if you want me to hear it. if you do, send me a blog comment so i know its up and working. many thanks!

Red, Negativity said...

i've listened to it a few times, and i have to say, i am honestly surprised at how good it is. But can you reply to me with the track listing? I'm just not positive the tracks are labeled correctly, simply because the second track is named "lethe" and i dont know what that means, and stuff

I love the first track, arteries. the guitar and vocals work really well together, and the melody is catchy. it also had pretty good lyrics

the second song, lethe, is a solid slow song, where the bass sounds sort of like a stand-up, and the electric guitar is pretty beautiful

the third track, lord2, is pretty awesome. i hear a bit of a lot of my favorite artists in there. the female background vocals remind me of peter and the wolf, the guitar patterns also remind me of peter and the wolf but much more of the microphones, and the harmonica was pretty rad. the horns made it really great

the fourth track, newyears, had a cool drum lick that kept me particularly interested with the lyrics somehow, and the two guitars were in a pretty great harmony. the crescendo was effective, especially at 2:40-3:05, or so, when everything would stop but the drums, or but the vocals, and pick up again. and the melody at 3:35 really is really good.

the drums in the fifth track, north carolina, were great for the atmosphere in the beginning, and the transition at one minute was cool. the horns were rad. i always love horns lol. it was a little too long, but that didn't hurt it simply because it was good enough to stay interesting. the thing at 4:00 with the electric guitar on the high frets gave the whole song a more complete feel, which is great.and the screaming guitars in the end make the listener want to listen again.

the sixth track, pie, reminded me of an artist i have heard before, but i couldn't quite place it...not that the song was similar, just the feeling that i got from it. i like it. the scale with the guitar, the minor one or whatever, worked well in harmony with the locals. and i always love it when bands throw in that galloping drum thing like at 2:16. and it gets surprisingly intense. i really like it. especially later on.

the last song, 54, which seems to be the shortest on the album, was the most confident and unique track, i think. it was definitely the heaviest, with the distorted guitar strangling itself the whole time. i felt a sort of empathy from the guitar. and the guitar in the background at 1:39 is reminiscent of a piano somehow, it was rad. the singing at 3:13 reminded me of matthew bellamy a did this whole song, now that i think of it. like a folk version of a more honest version of Muse. kind of, i guess.

overall i had a really positive impression, as i'm sure you can tell from my descriptions of the tracks. great job!

Johan Süld said...

Found this album on my PC, didn't remember where I got it from. Listened through it and wanted to know more about it since I really liked it. Didn't find anything on wikipedia nor but then I found this blog.

I still have no idea who you guys are but "Dear & Absurd" is very good, I will surely liten to it more than once.

Greetings from Sweden.