Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top Albums of 2009!

I figure we can't be a legitimate blog without doing some sort of end of the year list, so here's my top five albums of 2009. Tyler will add his shortly, I'm sure. They are in no particular order because I'm indecisive. Post yours in the comments!!

-Dirty Projectors- Bitte Orca
-Pretend- Bones in the Soil, Rust in the Oil
-The Appleseed Cast- Sagarmatha
-Mew- No More Stories are Told Today...
-Phoenix- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Honorable mention:
-Phosphorescent- To Willie
-Iron and Wine- Around the Well
-toe- For Long Tomorrow




Mouse on the Keys - "An Anxious Object"
Pretend "Bones in the soil....."
Toe - "For Long Tomorrow"
Prefuse 73 - "Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian"


4 is about all I can think of really. Bit of a dry year. Bitte Orca i'll give an honorable mention for the 2 songs I liked on it. His voice is pretty much annoying as shit to me after much more than 10 or so minutes though.



fanny said...

Rooftops - A Forest of Polarity

Penpal - Penpal

Lymbyc Systym - Shutter release

Owen - New Leaves

Sleep Whale - Houseboat

Sam & Tyler said...

great list man. rooftops was really close on mine, as was owen.

AintLo said...

Tubelord - Our First American Friends. Best album of 2009 for sure. Pretty neat list you've got there though. I also would like to request more tubelord"-ish" music posts, haha! :)

Sam & Tyler said...

i'd never heard of tubelord and checked them out, and they are pretty neat! thanks for the suggesiton!

AintLo said...

Did you listen to the album or the Square EP. I recommend the EP. Best I've ever heard i think.b

JFK said...

15. Touche Amore - ...To The Beat Of A Dead Horse
14. El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Cryptomnesia
13. Freddie Joachim/Question - Study Guide
12. Mew - No More Stories
11. CHLL PLL - Aggressively Humble
10. Sholi - Sholi
9. Wild Beasts - Two Dancers
8. My Heart To Joy - Seasons In Verse
7. The Mercury Program - Chez Viking
6. Native - Wrestling Moves
5. Kings Of Convenience - Declaration Of Dependence
4. RX Bandits - Mandala
3. Toe - Long For Tomorrow
2. Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
1. Dance Gavin Dance - Happiness