Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Tallest Man on Earth- The Wild Hunt

Genre: folk, songwriter, indie


Pretty much exactly like his last album, "Shallow Graves," but this guy is a pretty neat songwriter and creative guitar player, not to mention having a crazy voice. There's also a little more layering of instruments this time around instead of just solo guitar. If you like twangy folk songs, give it a shot. Comparisons to Bob Dylan are not unwarranted.


Tripp said...

Dude I love this guy's music! So raw and such nice writing.

Sam & Tyler said...

Yeah, I agree. His voice is a little hit or miss in my opinion though, on some tracks it's awesome, sometimes kind of annoying. I think I liked the last album more than this one, but it may be because this one is just like the last one.

Cucharón said...

Excelente, thanks.

Anonymous said...

great, thanks fort he chance to hear this

he's fab live!!

security said...

Just recently bought the album. He has a unique type of music.