Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Mathrocky One

Carson Mcwhirter "Every Body tour EP"

Players: Tony Schatz, Joey Hyland, Andrew Weaver, David Zeidman, and Carson McWhirter

This guy is probably most widely known for his short stints playing bass with Hella and the Advantage, but he is instrumentally multitalented and is involved in writing, recording, and performing with a wide variety of projects. This is a 3 song ep of recordings made for a brief tour by a group of people assembled by Mcwhirter to play under the moniker "Every Body". It rules and has sick ass guitar/piano playing over complex, lurching drum rhythms. I like it a lot. Maybe you will too.



substance said...

Wow this is really awesome! Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

seriously. Do you have any other stuff he has put out under the every body moniker? it's impossible to find.

Sam & Tyler said...

Yes I have the Every Body full length as well. I'll but it up soon.


Sam & Tyler said...

but = put