Friday, October 1, 2010

Built to Spill- Keep it Like a Secret

Genre: indie rock

Just discovered this album, and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites. "Sidewalks" is an absolute jam, while Doug Marsch shows off his songwriting in "You Were Wrong" by using classic rock lyrics in a new way. Great guitar wizardry and engineering. A must-listen for 90's indie rock fans.



Eric said...

havent been to this site in a long time, thats one of my favorite albums

Sam & Tyler said...

I know, it's definitely one of mine. The engineering is really stellar too.

Steve said...

It kind of sucks that you're just discovering this album! This one has definitely been on my top ten for a good eight or so years, I can't imagine if I had waited any longer to hear it.

Sam & Tyler said...

haha I agree man! I kind of just got into the whole 90's indie thing a few months ago... which is sad since I'm 22.

colin said...

i've gotten some great bands from this site, but i just saw this and thought it was really funny that you just found out about this album. i'm about to finish college and i think i've been listening to built to spill since 9th grade.