Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some New Releases

Man, we've gotten so lazy with this thing. Sorry guys. Here's some albums we've been playin lately:

Buke & Gass: "Riposte" (acoustic math punk duo with homemade instruments and kick drum beats)

sweet live performance

Joan of Arc: "Life Like" (simpler, just drums, guitar, and bass and featuring Victor Villareal on second guitar. A great return to form.)


Bibio: "Mind Bokeh" (Not as good as Ambivalence Avenue, but still has good tracks)

As always, please buy any albums that you enjoy. The music industry is dying, and as members of it, we want to believe that people will still support music they love so that it can be a viable, profitable art form just like architecture or film or photography or whatever.

Thanks, and much love,
Sam and Tyler

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