Friday, June 17, 2011

kidcrash - "jokes"

I'm sure most of you guys have seen this album before, so this is for those who havn't come across it yet. These guys pretty much do the whole post hardcore/whatever thing better than anyone else, and with a serious helping of fantastic musicianship to boot....without comes the forbidden term...MATHROCK. No, thus album is just chock full of awesome riffs, clever transitions, nifty passages, interesting rhythms and engaging (albeit raw) vocals. I dig it and I think some of you might too.



Anonymous said...

i have to disagree. i find this very math. "clever transitions, nifty passages, interesting rhythms", all very math attributes.

regardless, i dig this band, so ultimately its just semantics, no?

thanks for the post.

Sam & Tyler said...

I find "math" to equate to awkward time signatures and playing many notes just for the sake of there being many notes, but semantics yes yes...this is a rad band whatever you want to call it.