Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Appleseed Cast- The New Stage (For So Long)

B-side song from the new Appleseed Cast CD. It's only included on the vinyl version of their upcoming LP, Sagarmatha, so it's probably not the best the new album has to offer. However, I enjoy it more each time I listen (which is like five times since I bought it off their myspace). The whole song could be off Two Conversations, save the ending which combines the soft vocal harmonies of Low Level Owl with the glitchies of Peregrine. The ending bothered me at first because you want it to be more epic than it is when the drums come in strong, but I think they wanted to up the energy while still keeping it chill, and it's effective in that sense.

Overall, I'm pretty excited for this CD. There are two new demo songs on their myspace as well, which I recommend.

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KB said...

Sweet deal. Thanks for posting this. I have the vinyl, but I wanted to pick up an mp3 of this one... I was willing to buy it if it was for a charity or something, but I guess it's not, so I will justify my downloading by reminding myself that I've already paid for their record! Your blog is pretty great, sir.