Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tenebre- S/T

This album is much chiller than "In Everything Give Thanks," but I enjoy it. The other is better though, I posted it a while back. Both are some really beautiful mathy post-rock.


Pedro said...

Do you have a link for this one?

hmmm said...

yeah, it's up now. sorry.

Pedro said...

Thanks, I appreciate it. :)
Just to let you know, that isn't really "Sun Song", but a s/t record released through Soundcyst.
"Sun Song" is an album featuring new and older songs, released through japanese label StiffSlack Records. It actually has 9 songs instead of 5. Apparently only 300 of them were made (CD-R), and the band was giving some of them away for those who pre-ordered the s/t album.

Signs of Life said...

i like it but its too short. Let me know if you find that other sun song album.