Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bon Iver- Blood Bank EP

Blood Bank: A little dissapointing after the live video that's so energetic with full drums, but still a cool song. I hope a good live version comes round so we can have that version too.

Beach Baby: A shorter song, but nice as well. Lyrics are hard to make out, but what's new. Pretty sweet slide guitar halfway through.

Babys: Entirely on piano, a very unique song. Cool chord progression. Could have ended better.

Woods: Kanye? Imogen Heap? Strange.

Overall, a little dissapointing. It comes off more as a b-sides than a real EP. I think I just really wanted a full-on Blood Bank like in the live videos. Oh well... pretty cool nonetheless.


Signs of Life said...

Because this is Bon Iver I like it, but I have to admit that this was a let down. Its just like the song "Wisconsin" that is a bonus song from itunes. He is trying to capture the same warmth and tone from "For Emma" but you can tell that its from a studio and not the handcrafted sloppy recordings that make Emma so personal. I hope that for whatever he does next he goes back to the true basics.

hmmm said...

well with Wisconsin, i think it's an awesome song that he just sang really badly muffled and stupid. on the EP i think arrangements are the problem. he tried to stay even more minimalist than on Emma, but it just doesn't work with these more summer-y, faster songs.