Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Appleseed Cast- Sagarmatha

Other than the cover art, I'm pretty down with this album. Much more post rock than their previous albums with a little Low Level Owl thrown in. I'm glad they departed from the "rock" sound of Peregrine. Think 7-8 minute epics. Haven't listened to the whole things yet, but sounding good. Engineering is pretty right on as well.



Signs of Life said...

thanks for this one. I wish i wasn't in class so I could hear it.

hmmm said...

i just finished listening to it and i like it. i need to really concentrate on it, maybe this weekend when i go home. it flows really well i think.

Brett said...

Yeah I agree with everything you said here. I bought this on vinyl and the album art is so much better than the art for the CD (the piano keys?). Only got into this band less than a year ago and had a huge binge for them last week. Haven't found anything I don't like from them yet.