Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rant- Juno Soundtrack

Everyone loves this CD so freaking much. I hate it. The stupid indie songs are terrible. The lyrics are stupid, not cute. The people can't sing or play their instruments in the least.

Yes, there are good songs by actual artists, but those aren't the ones people like. It's the ones that are SUPER indie just for the sake of connecting with the "indie generation" or something dumb like that. For example, Stephen Malkmus couldn't sing very well, but Pavement was still awesome. This is just an abomination, not to mention an exploitation of people like me- college kids who just want to be cool and different than people that listen to John Mayer all day.

-end rant-


Signs of Life said...

Ok i saw this and had to put my opinion in. The Juno soundtrack is just another ploy by the media to lump all "indie" kids together. This album is totally made for all the middle and high schoolers who see that older kids like us like different music. So they think well this must be the really great stuff that everyone thinks is cool. So they buy it and convince themselves that it is really great and this is what they are supposed to listen to if they want to be cool prototypical nonconformists.

This album is the reason for sequels such as Nick and Norah's shit. It has totally taken amazing bands like The National and Band of Horses and turned them into joke by labeling them with these types of movies.

hmmm said...

good call man. and i think it's even more ridiculous that college kids fall into the trap that should definitely know better.

Brett said...

Agreed. Never liked it.