Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boy Problems- Tour EP

Genre: Chill metal, screamo

I saw these guys play with Algernon Cadwallader at a farm in Tennessee last year, and it was awesome. I just remembered them and downloaded this EP, which isn't great quality and doesn't capture the energy they have live, but is pretty good. Picture Algernon with screaming, i guess.



Ashlee said...

im in love with your music taste.

hmmm said...

haha, well thank you kindly. if you ever have any suggestions for new music, I'm totally open.

Ashlee said...

you've beaten me to most of my suggestions. though you just put deer tick up recently and I just saw them and it was an experience and a half. 2 local bands from my neck of the woods you may enjoy Teeth of Mammals and 1994.

hmmm said...

i love both of those. i put up 1994 a while back maybe, but i know i have it. they both play with algernon sometimes right?