Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bibio- Ambivalence Avenue

Genre: songwriter, dub, hip-hop, indie

To start off, this album rules. Please buy it.

Now then... this is pretty much completely different than anything Bibio has released thus far. The standard fare has been acoustic music with some electronica tinges thrown in for accent, but this new album has three or four fully hip-hop tracks. And they are really good, in the vein of J. Dilla or any of his many imitators. But mixed in with these are a few acoustic tracks, a few dancey indie jams, and a couple meandering electronica numbers. What you're left with is a bunch of sweet tracks, but not much of an album. I think Warp pressured Bibio a little too hard to fit their mold with this one, although he came through with flying colors. This may replace Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix as my album of the summer... we'll see. {8.5/10}

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