Thursday, June 4, 2009

Smiley With a Knife- How a Reign Comes to an End

Genre: math rock, indie rock

Patrick was nice enough to share his band with me, and they have some pretty sweet jams. I would say it's like a slightly more chill Littlest Viking with a little Look Mexico thrown in, and maybe some Unwed Sailor. My only critique is that the parts could be mixed up a little more, like experimented with, instead of just so much playing a part exactly the same four times then moving onto the next part. But that's not a major problem since all the parts are quite cool and fit together pretty well. Nice job guys.

P.S. If you would let me to listen to your music, please send it my way and I might post it on the blog if it doesn't suck and if it's cool with you.


Steve said...

Hey man, I would definitely be interested in having you do a little write up for us.
Check out the myspace first and listen to a track or two, and if you dig it, I'll send you the demo.

Oh - and did you get to listen to Rotary Ten yet?

Steve said...

Here's the myspace:

hmmm said...

i have not had a good chance to listen through the rotary ten album, but from what i heard it was really good. as was the new so many dynamos. work's been crazy this week but i'll try and listen to your band in the next few days, thanks for submitting it!

hmmm said...

ok, so rotary ten is pretty sweet as far as the music goes, I just can't take the singer. he's just super british, haha. and i listened to your band, pretty cool stuff man. not really my style, but you have a neat sound going.

matthew said...

I'm enjoying this record.
I also like how the song names - put together - form sentences, I had that idea a while back and never got around to using it.

Also, thanks a lot for the Japandroids album. I get so much new music from stalking this blog it's unbelievable.

ps, if you're interested I've got a few tracks up at - probably not in line with the stuff you post, but whatever... haha

hmmm said...

the japandroids album has changed my life, so i'm glad you agree with its brilliance.

and i can dig your stuff man. you might enjoy mine, actually:

polymer said...

ShapesLikeDinosaurs and my band should definitely book a show together when we tour near your area.

Give us a listen and let me know what you think!


Bryan said...

Hey dude, maybe you could give my band a listen, it'd be awesome to have some of ours demo's posted on your blog and what not. The demo's on the myspace are mad old but were in the middle of recording our album now. Hopefully you enjoy it, if not it's all good haha.