Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Playlists!

Autumn is almost upon us, which leads to a change in mood and music. You aren't quite in the melancholy of winter, but are chillin out from summer. This leads to some interesting mixes of music, most of which for me involve piano, evidently. It ended up having a pretty good flow just being alphabetical, so.

Aloha- All the Wars
Animal Collective- Did You See the Words?
Bon Iver- For Emma (Piano version)
Built to Spill- Car
David Karsten Daniels- Martha Ann
Little Joy- Next Time Around
Mt. Eerie- Wooly Mammoth's Absense (full band)
Owen- Too Scared to Move
Tenebre- A Call From Jane
Texas is the Reason- Johnny on the Spot
The Appleseed Cast- Reaction
The Bad Plus- Thriftstore Jewelry
The Strokes- Under Control
Thelonious Monk- Ruby, My Dear


-Sam (Let us know what yours are! or better yet, upload them in the comments!)

I'm in Germany right now so this has already been the coldest autumn i've ever experienced, and I suspect that it will get much colder very quickly. For my playlist I just took a bike ride and made an "on the go" ipod playlist. So I suppose I am free to say that this 100% certified, autumn influenced list.

hope you like.



Tripp said...

D.A.R.L.I.N.G. - Beach House
Alison - Slowdive
Wizard Flurry Home - Mariee Sioux
An Owl With Knees - The Books
House of the Rising Sun - Sex Mob
A Billion Heartbeats - Bubblegum Lemonade
Texture - Catherine Wheel
The Soft Attack - The Daysleepers
Where I'm From - Digable Planets
Hello Scotland - EF
Party Crashin - Evangelicals
Respect The Architect - Guru
Marvin Says - Happy Apple
My One And Only Love - Michael Brecker
Out of the Blue - Moncef Genoud
Shortwave - Monster Movie
Love Songs on the Radio - Mojave 3
Way the World Is - Pale Saints
Comfy in Nautica - Panda Bear

(from Tripp)

link coming soon

Sam said...

i'm liking that list tripp

Tripp said...

link for my post :) enjoy

Signs of Life said...

Casual Discussion...- Algernon Cadwallader
Blue Skies- Noah and the Whale
The End's Not Near- Band of Horses
Cowgirl In The Sand- City and Colour
September Come Take...- Carissa's Wierd
Libelle- Tenebre
Red-Eye- The Album Leaf
Broadripple is Burning- Margot and The Nuclear...
All The Wine- The National
Tiny Vessels- Death Cab For Cutie
The Temptation of Adam- Josh Ritter
The Wolves (live at Glastonbury)- Bon Iver
More Stars Than There Are.. - Yo La Tengo
Njósnavélin - Sigur Rós
Great Death- Explosions In The Sky

Signs of Life said...

mathu said...

I don't need to make a full list, because I just discovered "Killec" by Marvins Revolt, which I've had on repeat for three days now. It's a great collection of songs which (for me) work really well as a Fall playlist in their own right.

Sam said...

i can feel you there. that's a pretty sweet album.