Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Enemies- Unreleased 10"

Genre: post rock, math rock

Enemies is an awesome band from Scotland and they recently tried to release an EP that, due to some tomfoolery, was never released. So they're giving it away for free. And it's really good.
(Alternate link:

Check out their MySpace page for more sweet tracks, especially "Two Lads."


Anonymous said...

hey man could you up this for me possibly? i cannot get this link to work for some reason, maybe because i am in europe or something


Anonymous said...

wait that makes no sense because they are from scotland. uh, so guess i have nothing. blast!

hmmm said...

haha, yeah man i'll up it.

Anonymous said...

thank you!!

yvetteyoung said...

fuck, enemies too?! jeez! followed by tera melos. It's like this blog is customized for me.