Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey!Tonal- S/T

Genre: dance, experimental

I'll let the band members speak for themselves:

Kevin Shea (Storm & Stress, Get The People, Talibam!, Coptic Light, People…)
Mitch Cheney (Rumah Sakit, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Species Being, Greenness…)
Dave Davison (Maps & Atlases)
Alan Mills (Chii-saioto)
Theo Katsaounis (Weather, Locks, Joan of Arc, ZZZZ’s…).

Yes, this is amazing. Like Battles and Don Cab mixed together. Listen here:

then buy their album which just came out.


Anonymous said...

find "Shield Your Eyes" for me plz!

hmmm said...

I can't just help people steal any specific album they want, sorry man. that's too much like being a drug cartel or something, haha. you can check here, it's a really good resource:

the password is quack

Anonymous said...

You should share that Hey! Tonal album. I've been looking for it for ages. :)

hmmm said...

i don't actually have it! i think i'm going to buy it though, i'll post it if I do.

Anonymous said...

The album is available here:

Anonymous said...

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