Friday, May 8, 2009

Kingsbury Manx- Ascenseur Ouvert!

Genre: folk rock, folk pop

Folk rock mixed with some nice elements of modern folk, such as twinkly keys, lots of reverb, and double and triple harmonies. It stays kinda low key the whole time, but you don't really want it to pick up. Good for chillin.


Anonymous said...

just a tip mate... rapidshare started to lock the uploader-ip's and to give them to internet providers (at least here in europe) so maybe u should start to up your stuff to another hoster... i just can remommend megaupload or mediafire because it's used by so many..
keep going your page is awesome!!!

hmmm said...

oh, thanks for the update dude. I try and get my links already uploaded instead of uploading them myself, but i'll keep that in mind next time.

glad you enjoy!