Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Helios - "Eingya"

Shimmering, delicate indie electronic/ambient music from Portland, Oregon. This entire album is such a pleasantly soothing experience. Painstaking care is taken to create a dense, organic texture, rather than just piling on droning synths and glitch noises. Field recordings are cleverly placed within smooth drum rhythms to construct an unconventional framework, like a quirky house that looks as if it could crumble at any second, but is actually exquisitely designed on a solid foundation. The production is fantastic as well. Every plucked string and pressed piano key proclaims its message brightly and beautifully inside your headphone space.





Signs of Life said...

change the myspace link to this


good band though

hmmm said...

i literally retyped the exact same thing. blogspot sometimes randomly inserts its own url into the code for no reason. its annoying. thanks for the heads up.

Signs of Life said...

you're welcome. I feel like a douche telling you everything that goes wrong with your blog