Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mock Orange "Nines and Sixes"

1. Growing Crooked
2. We Work
3. Does It Show
4. Window Shopping
5. Paper
6. All You Have
7. Poster Child
8. Dictionary
9. Drinking Song
10. Goodnight Raddick

I have listened to this album so many times that I can pretty much consider it an actual physical shard of my late youth. I still remember when my friend Garrett first showed it to me, and I listened to the first track 5 times before I moved on to the rest of it. It is an incendiary blend of youthful passion and driving intensity that just really meant something to me when I was 18 years old. The best "other band" comparison I can make would be sort of a cross between between Sunny Day Real Estate and Drive Like Jehu, but I say that just for the sake of reference. Anyway, this a fantastic album by a very under appreciated band that I can't recommend enough.




J Rich said...

yeah, this album is the bomb from way back when. as is their 2nd release "The Record Play" man Lobster Records has some cool little bands, and Mock Orange may have been the best of the bunch. highly recommend these first 2 albums.

hmmm said...

Their first label was actually called Dead Droid Records, who collapsed because they where sued by George Lucas for the name.

And yea The Record Play is really great too. Though i don't like as much as nines it has "slow song" which is one of my favorite mock orange songs ever.


Anonymous said...


isaac arms said...

Minus 7 in Evansville, IN was their first record label. Then they released Nines & Sixes and The Record Play on Lobster. They contributed "Only In Dreams" to a Weezer tribute comp on Dead Droid Records, then released First EP on that label. They were supposed to release Mind Is Not Brain on Dead Droid, but the label owner was busy getting his dick sued off, so that album came out on Silverthree. I believe they also put out Captain Love, and now with Disguised As Ghosts and the live album, they've been working with Wednesday Records.

SawYerFootOff said...

Ha Dead Droid put out a 7' of my old band.