Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hi. My name is Tyler

I am going to be helping my buddy Sam keep this guy updated and add a bit of extra variety. I like to put little stars by tracks I think are extra neat. Dig? kword.

The John Scofield Trio "EnRoute"

1. Wee*
2. Toogs*
3. Name That Tune
4. Hammock Soliloquy
5. Bag
6. It Is Written
7. Alfie
8. Travel John*
9. Over Big Top

I sort of consider EnRoute a jazz record for people who don't really like jazz. Why? Because of Bill Stewart's utter beastlyness at drums. Even if you don't particularly care for the pile of spaghetti that Scofield and Steve Swallow (a fantastic bassist) dole out, anyone can appreciate a dude who is sick as fuck at drums, and this guy is. Check out the drum solo in Hammock Soliloquy where he is all like squiddle diddle biddle on the snare and shpliga boom bop on the toms and shit. yea.

Prt. 1
Prt. 2

Cowboys Aren't Indians - Demo


1. I Found It
2. Thunder
3. Jr. Jazz*
4. Bob the Builder

I am not going to necessarily say that this band sounds kinda like American Football, because most bands to which you would apply this comparison sound like, you, know, shitty, amateurish, uninspired rehashes of what Mike Kinsella was doing 10 years ago. Nope. This music is much more tasteful and well constructed than that. Jr. Jazz is by far their best song.


Colditz Gilder - "Properties of Light"

1. Who Blew up the Brill Building?
2. Properties of Light
3. Moment in the Sun
4. Halfmoon Bay
5. Up Past Midnight
6. Audrey

Don't even read this first. Just click the download button. Done? K now by the time you get to the bottom of this paragraph you will be that much closer to having in your possession one of the most breathtaking instrumental rock records you'll ever hear. The closest thing I can compare this album to would be the first two Don Caballero albums, except 10 times more epic and without all the unnecessary dissonance. Its not really "math rock" or whatever either. Its not wanky. Its not pretentious. Its just a good solid, emotionally intriguing, instrumental ass beating. The only negative things I will say are that some of the parts are a bit too drawn out and and one of the songs sounds kind of like Carlos Santana (you get to guess which one;). But you know, no recording of music is ever going to be perfect for everyone. There. The progress bar should be at least, like, 20% done right now. Get stoked.


Jason Dejesus - "West Coast Blues


1. Harmonica
2. Wes
3. Subtlewarmer
4. Da da durr*
5. Ums
6. Makebelieve
7 hxc***********
8. Pop*

This guy plays in a band called Stage Kids, but also makes guitar oriented computer music. If you tab click bands before you read blog posts like I do, then you should already be hearing why this album is worth your attention. This is aboslutely not jazz, but there is definitely jazz influenced guitar technique. There are lots and lots and lots of instrumental guitar bands on popular labels with widespread recognition that claim to be jazz influenced, and this album is 10 times better than all of them. This guy is really talented, so go do the myspace friendage thang, share this record, go here and buy his bands ep (its real cheap) and just do whatever you think is appropriate to support a deserving musician.



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Jason De Jesus is amazing, thankyou so much for posting him; it's bloody beautiul.
This is probably my favourity music blog, keep up the good work.
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