Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Red Dog Alley- Dear and Absurd

Genre: folk rock


1. A.G.E.*
2. Dear and Absurd
3. The Lions
4. Arteries
5. New Year's Song
6. Holy Water*
7. Jacksonville
8. She's Lookin On*
9. Lord Pt. II
10. North Carolina*
11. City of Sidewalks
12. Lethe

This is again some shameless self-promotion. My band (i.e. mostly me) worked on this album for a very long time, and even though we don't play much anymore, I wanted to get this CD out. It's headed for iTunes and Amazon, but I'd much rather people just enjoy it for free. I starred the tracks that people seem to enjoy or that I thought ended up sounding the best. I played drums and mixed all the songs about a year ago, so feedback is appreciated!



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