Monday, October 26, 2009

Sharks Keep Moving- Discography

Genre: jazz, math rock, indie


If you've never heard of Seattle's Sharks Keep Moving, you probably have heard of the bands that sprung from its ashes: Minus the Bear, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and The Blood Brothers to name a few. I've discussed with Daniel that I'd probably give up any Minus the Bear album for another SKM album, and I'd definitely give up any Blood Brothers or Pretty Girls Make Graves album. With a jazzy edge that I've never really heard since, these guys made some pretty amazing music that has stood the test of time. I'd start with the full length and then move onto the EP's ("Pause and Clause" is my favorite) and singles. My favorite tracks are probably "Jet's Jets," "Sailor," and "Like a River."


Anonymous said...

wow this is awesome. I just love the jazzy chill feeling. I'm so gonna grab their other stuffs right now.
thanks for the discovery.

nice blog BTW!


Sam & Tyler said...

thanks man! very autumnal music, i think. and this is actually everything they ever released, so enjoy!


Anonymous said...

it had some corrupted files for some reason. i redownloaded again and got the same thing. sucks!

Sam & Tyler said...

weird. which ones were bad, i'll check them out.

Sam & Tyler said...

i just downloaded and unzipped it from my link and all the files played... not sure what could be wrong there. maybe try it on a different computer?

Anonymous said...

looks like the only corrupt file is "tied to the tracks" off of pause and clause

Sam & Tyler said...

well that song rules, so here it is. hopefully this one will work.

Tied to the Tracks:

Anonymous said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

hey boys, nice blog over there.
didn't know, where to post this, so i leave it here. :)
thanks for so many good bands i found here. maybe you should check out some stuff from germany:

SCHNAAK from dresden. sick experimental, noisy jazz-core.
(their label is called "DISCORPORATE RECORDS". you may have a look for the other bands...)
and the kinda imaginary lable we've with some friends: I LOVE MARBACH RECORDS (check out mukra! they are great!)
hope, you enjoy.


ThatGuy said...

Just wanna say thanks for archiving all of SKM music in one place. Such an awesome band.

As far as trading albums, how about Infinity Overhead for a new SKM album, unfortunately I am not a fan of their new material :(