Friday, April 24, 2009

Don Caballero- American Don

Genre: math rock, jazz, groove your ass off

Have you ever heard of Ian Williams? Ever listened to Battles? Then you need to listen to this CD. This is the CD that got me interested in math rock and is still one of my favorites.

If you enjoy this, check out Ian's earlier band, Storm and Stress, which I posted a while back. If the link's dead I can re-up it for you.


matthew said...

This is a fantastic album (with seriously good song titles, too).

S'a shame I could never get into any of their other stuff though...

Awesome blog btw, I tend to check almost everything you post, so thanks :D

hmmm said...

dude, no problem, glad you enjoy.

you should definitely check out their album What Burns Never Returns. It has some seriously good tracks ("June is Finally Here" is my favorite Don Cab song) and very rarely goes into the "metal" territory of other early albums. World Class Listening Problem is pretty cool too.