Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flashlight- Poetry Class

Genre: 90's indie/emo

Victor Villareal's early work. Sounds reminiscent of early Sunny Day Real Estate mixed with Wilderness or something. One of my favorite finds in a while. I do like later Victor's work better though.

This link should last a while. Mediafire FTW:


Bryan said...

Hey dude, maybe you could give my band a listen, it'd be awesome to have some of ours demo's posted on your blog and what not. The demo's on the myspace are mad old but were in the middle of recording our album now. Hopefully you enjoy it, if not it's all good haha.

... I commented this on another post of yours but thought maybe you didnt see it since the post was from early june. If I don't hear from after i comment this then i'll just take it you're not down with it and that's fine

hmmm said...

haha, sorry dude, i didn't see your other one. i'd be happy to post your stuff, this one song on the myspace intrigues me. and if it's old, i only assume you've gotten better. send me your new CD when you're done recording and i'll throw it up!

Anonymous said...

link isn't working. says the limit has been reached. i have never heard this and am interested.

Bryan said...

haha thanks man! i actually just posted that track yesterday because it's the only mastered song from the album so far. I'll definitely get back at your once our cd is finished