Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shapes Like Dinosaurs- Cretaceous Calculus EP

Genre: math rock, experimental

Shameless self-plug :) I think this EP turned out really good, way better than the last one, especially considering I used the same terrible equipment. Only four songs, but they are of higher quality? Comments especially appreciated on this one.


Anonymous said...

awesome man i like it alot. dinostomp is my favorite=]


p.z. said...

really awesome! do you have the album cover or something?

hmmm said...

yes I do, I'll try and post it at some point.

fuck said...

why the fuck did mediafire make the shapes like dinosaurs download access denied. fuck those bitches man im positive this band wants this on mediafire. where the fuck else can u get the shit anyway? fuckin faggot ass mediafire is gonna pay and regret this