Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cheval de Frise - Fresques Sur Les Parois Secretes Du Crane

Nobody has ever really done the guitar/drum duo thing better than they did. There is such wonderful subtlety, nuance, and dynamics in composition presented on this album, and none of it sounds forced. I really didn't like this band at all several years ago when I first came across them because they didn't have that omglookatmeplayingmyinstrumentsofast shit going on, but they have since become one of my favorites. So give it a shot and if you can't get into it, keep it on your hard drive and give it another random listen sometime.

(updated link. better quality)


Sam & Tyler said...

love the pic link, haha


Sam & Tyler said...

i wish the recording quality was better.

Sam & Tyler said...

shit. let re-up or find another link if it is bad. mine sounds great