Monday, November 9, 2009

Jim White- Transnormal Skipperoo

Genre: folk, folk rock


"Long one day there I lay
under the big windy sky I prayed:
Dear Lord, make the flickering hands of fate
finally flip the page to the yellow sun
of my coming age."

Some of Jim White's albums were a little hard for me to get into because he would indulge in his stranger side, but this is definitely his most straightforward. While I loved the back story and concept of "Wrong Eyed Jesus!" I think this is my favorite of his albums. The lyrics are great, every song is haunting and beautiful, and there's great production. If you enjoy folk music, you should take a listen.


Anonymous said...

the new marvins revolt record is out... have you heard it?

Sam & Tyler said...

i just checked it out and it's pretty sweet. definitely going to listen some more.