Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Joe Purdy- StompinGrounds

Genre: singer/songwriter, folk


Probably the most "commercial" sounding album I've put up. The lyrics aren't super deep, Purdy can actually sing worth a flip, and your parents will probably like it. HOWEVER, the guitar playing is top notch and it's not overproduced, which I've heard ruin some similar albums. If you enjoy Gary Jules, Jeremy Enigk, or Josh Ritter, you should give this a shot. The slower songs are highlights for me, as some are really beautiful like "this morning blue" and "he said she said."



P.S. If anyone has his album "Julie Blue," I'd love to get it from you.


Signs of Life said...

I'm pretty sure I have his discography. I'll get you that one and any others you want

Sam & Tyler said...

yeah, i feel like i'm kinda late on this one. i'd love to get whatever your favs are, i have this one, take my blanket, and last clock on the wall.

Signs of Life said...

ok ill get you a few. The song Canyon Joe is one of his best but the album is disappointing. A guy that I used to know was really into him and gave me all his stuff. Surprisingly Joe Purdy still isn't popular even with the folk explosion.