Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fennesz - "Venice"

So this is droney, ambient music and if that sort of thing incites you to shriek and flee for the hills, than this album is probably not going to change your mind. I implore you, however, to give it a chance because it is one of my favorite records to relax to. I love Christian Fennesz for his ability to create beautifully dense textures using all sorts of different sources instead of simply layering a few oscillators and twittling knobs. This music is not that at all. There is so much sonic variety going on here. I go back and forth between his albums because I love them all, but I just sat down and put this on and felt like it needed to posted, so here you go.



Steve said...

Were you able to get ahold of the new Rooftops album? I believe it was released on 11/17 and so far it sounds pretty incredible.

Sam & Tyler said...

please buy independent music that you enjoy.


Sam & Tyler said...

but yeah, it is amazing.


Anonymous said...