Saturday, November 14, 2009

Flying Lotus

reset ep


Los Angeles

Quirky, modulated, filtered, layered sound under hip hop beats is not exactly a new idea, but if those adjectives get you excited, then look no further than beat master FlyLo. "tea leaf dancers" off of the reset ep is one of my favorite chill out tracks ever. Los Angeles is the more experimental of the bunch. 1983 is super groovtastic. Listen to them in that order if you have never heard any of them. Album covers are linked.

So the weather has changed drastically in Germany since me and sam made our fall playlists, and i'm kinda feelin' a new one. Sam?


Sam & Tyler said...

I mean I'm always down for some playlist action. what kind are you feelin these days?


Sam & Tyler said...

lots of electronic music, but also a few new jazz records i got recently. but yea, paylistssss yay hooray

Sam & Tyler said...

describe the weather to me poetically so i can match your playlist mood

Sam & Tyler said...

rainy, grey, cold, dark, cold, windy, cold. thats as about as poetic as i can make it, ha.

Sam & Tyler said...

haha, well i'll start making a playlist that makes me... cold.